Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pancakes, Pancakes

Read the story Pancakes, Pancakes aloud to the class. Here are some activities you can do with your class after your finish the book.

  • Make a list of the ingredients that Jack's mother needed in order to make pancakes. Have students put them in sequential order according to the story.
  • Compare the process Jack went through in order to make the pancakes to the process we would go through to get pancakes. How are the processes the same? How are they different?
  • Make a list of terms that are used when baking: recipe, mix, stir, measure, ingredients, tablespoon, teaspoon, spatula. Define each term on chart paper. Draw an example next to each one so students can see what they look like.
  • Give students sentence strips with a recipe that is mixed up. Discuss the key words used in each sentence: first, next, then, add, finally. Sequence the strips in order on construction paper.
  • Bring in ingredients to make pancakes. Divide class into small groups and have them work together to measure and add ingredients. Make the pancakes and enjoy.

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